Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center 
 Serving Williamson and Franklin Counties in Illinois since 1992

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What is the Child Advocacy Center?

The Children's Advocacy Center Act was signed into law by Governor James Thompson in late 1989. The Act developed a written protocol designed to coordinate the investigation, potential prosecution, and treatment of children who had been reported as being sexually abused. This task was given to DCFS, mental health, the county sheriffs, and the state's attorney. Representatives from these four departments, as well as nine community members make up the Executive Board.
All services provided by the Center are designed to minimize the trauma that sexually and severely physically  abused children experience during and after disclosure. The Center coordinates the effectiveness of available investigative and treatment services for these reported children, as well as for the non-offending parent/caregiver.


Franklin-Williamson Child Advocacy Center


Services Provided

  • We provide emotional support to the child and non-offending family members.

  • We provide linkage to counseling and medical services for the child.

  • We provide court support services.

  • We work with Multi-Disciplinary Teams including: DCFS, Law Enforcement, State's Attorneys, Medical Providers, Child Advocates and Mental Health Providers.

  • We facilitate MDT meetings to staff the cases.

  • We provide a child friendly environment where the child can be interviewed by a specially trained forensic interviewer.

  • We provide all services free of charge.


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Who We Serve

Any child under the age of 18, residing in Williamson or Franklin County, who reports being sexually or seriously physically abused.

Any child under the age of 18, even if not a resident, who reports being sexually or seriously physically abused in one of the above counties.


Referrals are obtained from DCFS, Law Enforcement, and State's Attorney offices


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